Manufacture of detergents

AGERA Clean is the youngest member of AGERA Group. The company purchases production services to manufacture ready-to-use products. Today, the focus is on the production of disinfectants, but in the near future, daily cleaning products with EU Ecolabel will be launched. AGERA Clean’s ambition is to offer products and services with mobility and flexibility oriented towards customer’s needs.


International trade in raw materials

AGERA Trade manages the marketing and supply of raw materials. Most of our raw materials is purchased from Eurasian Economic Union member states. The company’s focus is on trading with various alcohols such as: ethyl alcohol, denatured ethyl alcohol, isopropyl alcohol, isobutyl alcohol etc. AGERA Trade also offers land and sea transportation services. With land transport service the capacity is guaranteed by thirty tanker trucks with volume capacity of 31sq.


Negotiation and consultation

AGERA Consult provides consulting services for marketing of products and services, as well as conducting product trainings, marketing seminars and building customer relationships. Additionally, AGERA Consult works with visual design that include creating logotypes, corporate design books, packaging design and product labels.



AGERA Group’s goal is to introduce new technology and way of operating in any project it is involved with and make an impact in new countries and businesses open for partnerships. Sky is the limit as we are used to say in AGERA Group.

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