History of


The owner of AGERA Group OÜ created his first company, Landvi OÜ, in 1993. It was named by its two owners Joonas Viet & R. Landing.

In 22.06.2001 Vexillum OÜ was formed. It acted as a springboard platform for an invention named Audio Communicator (Patent EE 2000 00283 U1). After years of progression the company has become active in various fields. Today our name is AGERA Group OÜ.

Proff OÜ, the first consulting enterprise, was established in 2005. The company began trading with professional line chemicals for hospitality industries and cleaning companies. A year later cooperation with Professional Division of Werner & Mertz was formed under the name Tana-Chemie GmbH. Proff OÜ is now AGERA Consult OÜ.

In 11.12.2015 AGERA Trading OÜ was created. The company is successfully operating in the area of raw materials for chemical production plants and various industrial production companies.

Core Beliefs / Driving Ideas


Sky is the limit.
Think what we can do for you.
You know your destination. You need a wise, caring advisor alongside you.

Numbers Speak For Themselves

Years of experience
Client countries
Companies in the group

Key values


Creative journey is born out of courage to stretch your wings. Our journey is guided by our continued desire to learn new perspectives.


Trust is the foundation for every successful business relationship and mutual respect is essential for any partnership.


Integrity to our customers and supplies is the core of AGERA Group. We are open for any and all feedback and are responsible for the entirety of our actions.

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